For an active sitting position

When choosing the SUN-FLEX®Active chair, you are making a clear statement about your health, well-being and comfort in the long term.

With the SUN-FLEX®Active chair you can intuitively stimulate your core muscles, strengthen your back and increase your blood circulation. We recommend that you sit with your feet balanced on the base. This puts your body in a posture similar to when bicycle- or horseback-riding. The active sitting function is provided by the dome-shaped base while the chair’s height provides the benefit of an increased hip angle.

Due to the superior choice of quality materials and simplicity of use – to adjust the height, you simply pull the lever under the seat – the SUN-FLEX®Active will be a natural part of your workplace for years to come and we promise that you will feel the difference. We recommend that you alternate active sitting on the SUN-FLEX®Active with active standing on the SUN-FLEX®StandMat™Boost.

SUN-FLEX®Active: SUN-FLEX®Active
SUN-FLEX®Active: SUN-FLEX®Active
SUN-FLEX®Active: SUN-FLEX®Active
  • Keeping you naturally active
  • Strengthens the back and abdomen
  • Adjustable height


  • Adjustability: Adjustable in height
  • Anti-slip surface: Grooved natural rubber backing
  • Materials: Upholstery fabric, steel, ABS plastic
  • Fabric durability: 110,000 cycles (Martindale)
  • Gas spring: EU-certified
  • Color: Frame in white, seat in black
  • Maximum load: 120 kg.
  • Dimensions: Seat: Ø31 cm. Base: Ø29 cm.
  • Packaging: Single transport box containing 12 units.
  • Assembly: Easy assembly. Includes manual.