SUN-FLEX® StandMat™Textile

100% free from PVC

StandMat™Textile is a smart and modern functional standmat that creates healthy posture and prevent back problems, foot and leg discomfort and back issues. Usable with regular shoes, barefoot or high heels and due to textile propylene surface it is very comfortable.

StandMat™Textile functional mat, has a soft yet firm enough core in environmental friendly polyurethane material for optimal support and long lasting ergonomic prevention. With it’s surface in designed textile polypropylene it blends in into the modern office with height adjustable desks, receptions and public areas.

StandMat™Textile is equipped with an eyelet so as to easy hang up with the SUN-FLEX®Hook on the desk when not in use. The eyelet together with the SUN-FLEX®Hook also makes the StandMat™Textile the first choice for activity based offices.

Due to the choice of materials in this functional mat it is 100% free from PVC and phthalates and thus makes it the obvious choice for the environmentally concerned.

SUN-FLEX®StandMat Textile: SUN-FLEX®StandMat™Textile
SUN-FLEX®StandMat Textile: SUN-FLEX®StandMat™Textile
  • 100% free from PVC
  • Suspendable


  • Size (cm.): 83x55, 85x150, 85x285
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Polypropylene.
  • Core: Polyurethane.
  • 100% free from PVC.
  • 100% free from phthalates.
  • Surface: Slight pattern.
  • Application: For dry areas.
  • Packaging: Single, transport box of 10 units.