Memoryfoam and Gel for perfect comfort

SUN-FLEX®MediBack™ is an adjustable support for the back in the unique material combination of Memory Foam and comforting Gel. The SUN-FLEX®MediBack™ is designed to alleviate lower back pain, improve posture and it provides soothing support and stress relief for back muscles and discs.

The Memory Foam was originally developed by NASA in the 1970’s to minimize the gravity pressure and as to give the astronauts better sitting comfort. The unique material combination in the SUN-FLEX®MediBack™ of Memory Foam and comforting Gel gives superb support for any user. The materials are covered with a ventilating Mesh fabric that is removable and washable.

The large surface and curvature design of the SUN-FLEX®MediBack™ provides great spine support. The lower part is slightly bent inwards to accommodate the coccyx in a posture that is stress relieving. The elastic strap is equipped with fastener for ease of use whether it is being used in an office chair or in the car.

SUN-FLEX®MediBack : 800300: SUN-FLEX®MediBack™
800300: SUN-FLEX®MediBack™
SUN-FLEX®MediBack : 800300: SUN-FLEX®MediBack™ side view
800300: SUN-FLEX®MediBack™ side view
SUN-FLEX®MediBack : 800300: SUN-FLEX®MediBack™ seethrough
800300: SUN-FLEX®MediBack™ seethrough
  • Unique material combination for optimal support
  • Generous size
  • Ventilating mesh fabric for optimal comfort


  • Material: High density Memory Foam, comforting Gel, ventilating Mesh fabric.
  • Packaging: Single, transport box of 12 units.
  • Color: Black