SUN-FLEX® StandMat™

100% free from PVC

StandMat™Safety is a modern and environmentally friendly functional mat designed for industry purposes and fits easily into the workplace. The StandMat™Safety provides optimal comfort and anti fatigue characteristics for lower back, legs and feet. Due to the anti fatigue characteristics in also enhances the blood circulation and thus increases the overall well being.

StandMat™Safety has a relieving core of solid environmentally friendly polyurethane for long lasting ergonomics. The top is of high endurance nitrile rubber for demanding environments. The functional mat comes in three sizes whereof the 60×85 cm. is standard size.

StandMat™Safety has bright yellow safety markings on the edges to mark safety areas in the industry, assembly line etc.

Due to the choice of materials in this functional mat it is 100% free from PVC and phthalates and thus makes it the obvious choice for the environmentally concerned.

Sun-Flex® StandMat Industry: 465000: SUN-FLEX®StandMat™Industry (60x85)
465000: SUN-FLEX®StandMat™Industry (60x85)
  • !00% free from PVC
  • Superb anti fatigue characteristics
  • Several sizes


  • Size (cm): 60x85, 85x150, 85x285
  • Color: Black/bright yellow edges.
  • Material: Core: Polyurethane. Nitrile rubber. 100% free from PVC. 100% free from phthalates.
  • Surface: Subtle embossed grid structure, nitrile rubber.
  • Application: For dry areas, industry, assembly etc.
  • Packaging: Single, transport box of 10 units.